Our Fees

At Bryan Duggan Dental Practice we endeavour to be as competitive as possible, whilst maintaining the high standards of care our patients expect.
Examinations & Dental Hygiene
Dental HygieneScale and Polish by dentist €75
Advanced Gum Treatment€95to €140
Six Monthly ExaminationScale and Polish€85
Silver Amalgam FillingsSingle Surface€90
Medium Size€110
Large / Amalgam Crown€120/ €150
Composite FillingsSingle Surface€100
Medium Size€130
Large / Composite crown €150 / €180
Bonding€150 to €180
Composite Veneer / Compoveneer€200 / €250
Standard Extraction€115-€130
Surgical Extraction€150 to €225
Small digital or film x-ray €15.00
Subsequent x-ray€10
Large digital OPG€70
Acrylic (plastic) partial denture €450 to €550
Cobalt chrome metal partial denture €1150
Full upper and lower denture €950
Root Treatment€425 to €675
Porcelain and Bonded crowns €600 to €800
Core / post preparation€150
Multiple Veneers or Crowns will have a discount
Mouth Guards
Triple Layer Shock absorbing€115
Six Month SmilesConsultation, xrays, Clear braces, Retainers, +/- whitening €3500
Invisalign From €3500
Emergency Visit minimum fee€85

Please ask the dentist for a written estimate of the treatment you need and we will advice you of any proposed changes during a course of treatment.

Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to ask a member of staff or your dentist.