General Dentistry

Routine Extraction

What is a Routine Extraction?

We try if at all possible to help you keep your teeth, but sometimes a routine extraction is necessary. We will numb the surface of the gum and the tooth with local anaesthetic before removing the tooth.

The animation shows that once we have removed the tooth we want the socket to fill with a blood clot and close over. If the clot gets washed away or if you smoke, the bone is exposed and you get a “dry socket” which can be sore. You will probably need to re-attend to have the socket cleaned and dressed but it will eventually heal. It just takes longer with a dry socket.

This animation shows why we prefer to keep your teeth or at least fill in the gaps left by extractions. As you can see the loss of one tooth can lead to other teeth being more susceptible to decay and gum disease. This may result in their eventual loss as well.

Please look at our Q&A section for instructions following an extraction.